New Years Eve in Toronto

Razor will be performing the final show at Coalition in Toronto on New Years Eve, should be a very intense evening!!

See details in our Shows page... 

Great News, Razor will be performing in Montreal Nov.30 and Ottawa Dec.1st !!! More Info on the shows page ...

Were ready to come and Thrash with our Canadian countrymen !!! and Women (not sure of the politically correct word ? )

Anyway... Come check it out !!!

Had an Awesome time in Argentina and Brazil !! Thanks to everyone for coming out and Special Thanks to Edu Lane, Renato Gamal and Christian Domizi for having us down and taking great care of us. South America Thrashes with the best !!!!!!!

Will Post some Pics on the Gallery page ; check them out !

After a tumultuous journey (no thanks to a series of airline debacles) Razor finally made it over to Finland for the first time and kicked some major butt at the Speed Metal Party.

Thanks to all who came out and showed us a warm welcome. It was a great festival and special Thanks to Prestige, Menticide, Dethrone, and Dead Samaritan for sharing the stage and Thrashing with us!! Special shout out to Klubi/Tampere ,Stage crew and Sound crew who were all top notch.

Some pics are posted in the gallery page 

Had a great time at Strikefest in LA last weekend. Would like to thank everyone for coming out and making the show one to remember!!!

Would like to Thank all the promoters, staff and crew at The Regent in LA for all your support "You guys Rock!!  Also Nasty Savage,Exciter,Morbid Saint and the Slew of other great bands on the weekend.Killed It!

Check out the Gallery for some pics...

Had a good time at RocknCon in London this past weekend, posted some pics in the Gallery page.

Also a reminder that we will be performing at Los Angeles Strike fest with our friends Exciter on Sat.June 23rd, it's an all weekend affair featuring Nasty Savage, Morbid Saint and a ton of other bands...(more info in the shows page) If your in the area stop on by. Cheers

Shadow Kingdom Records is now Distributing Razor Merch, I've added a couple of links in the store page so check it out!!! 

Dave got together with Jimmy Kay from The Metal voice to discuss the New Album amongst other things,check out the link below;

Some New show announcements coming for 2018!!

Also check out Daves new Instagram page at

I've added it to our contacts/links page as well ...

Hey ,It's been too long with an update !!!

We had an awesome time in Japan and would like to thank Miki and everyone at  TTF for showing us a good time, and to the fans that came out to the fest for your undying support.

Also great to see our friends from Sacrifice, Hirax, Bloodfeast, At War, Tankard, Excuse, Riverge, Sabbat, Fastkill, ... You guys really Thrashed it.

I've posted some pics in the Gallery and will add more soon.

We're still hard at work on the album after a few setbacks in 2017, Sorry for the delay, but we are back to full strength and determined to get some new material out to you guys!!!

 Strikefest -New Show Added for June in LA, see show page for details!!

Details on the True Thrash Fest 2018 10th anniversary show added to shows page and more updates on Razor coming soon...

Also the Road Crew from Paraguay will be broadcasting our live show from this year when we played in SA.It will be broadcast on Thursday the 29th of June on The Road Crew Facebook page and on Youtube ! Here's a sample Razor Live in Paraguay 

The South American Evil Invasion is over!!!
We had an awesome time with everyone down in Latin America and just a shout out to Danny and Andreas and all the other promoters ,venues and least not all the fans for showing us an awesome time. You guys sure know how to Thrash down there and you've given Razor a lifetime of memories we won't soon forget.
Thank You!

New photos have been uploaded and Bob kept a diary during the trip.  Read his impressions of the trip here.
Razor has been busy writing and rehearsing for our upcoming shows in Mexico City, Bogota-Columbia,Santiago-Chile and Asunción-Paraguay . We're pumped and ready to Thrash with everyone  in these awesome countries and its been a long time coming, See you soon Mexico and South America !!!!!!!!!!!
Just a shout out to everyone who came out to the Arnprior,Oakland, and Cleveland shows which just about does it for Live shows til 2017!!!!
October was a whirlwind of activity so were just returning from a bit of a rest and will be focusing on some new material and making plans for next year.

We'll be heading to South America for the first time in February and a few more confirmed dates will be announced shortly.
The Osaka Live album is due out on Vinyl and CD in the next few weeks and we'll keep you posted on some more exciting events to come.

Cheers to all who came out to support us at the shows this year and to all who promoted and worked to make things happen!!!
Will post some photos from recent shows and keep the updates coming!

Pick this up when it comes out ;
Come out this weekend to the Calgary Metalfest V for a weekend of historic proportions !!!! Sept 15,16 17
The Metal will be powering the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada capped of with a not to be missed night to remember at Flames Central with Annihilator, Exciter,  Sacrifice and yours truly Razor. A true slice of Canadian Thrash at its best!!!!
It's a full bill so Razor will be taking the stage at about 7pm so get there early as it will be a long blistering evening not to miss!
See you There !

NYC show was killer !!!! Thanks to Ed Farshtey and all who helped get us there and the awesome fans for making us feel welcome at St. Vitus !!!
Special shout out to the great guys in Blood Feast and Bat who are not only awesome guys, but killer bands too!

The Osaka Saikou Live in Japan album is set to be released very shortly, so watch for that announcement.

Happy Birthday to Rider Johnson our Crazy Ass Drummer!!! All the best Brother !

Our next appearance will be at Calgary Metalfest V in a couple of weeks for more info follow the link 
Hey we were on a small hiatus having some down time but were back !!!
Were off to NYC next Friday August 19th , will be a great night.
Also check out the shows page as we've just announced another Canadian date in Ottawa on Oct 1st of this year.!
Also an awesome Shout out to all the Great supporters who came out to Chicago Metalthreat it was a fantastic show and we had a great time with our Canadian brothers Exciter. A truly special night !
Had a great time at Maxwell's in Waterloo with Annihilator, Striker, Monarch Woods and Warsenal and would like to give a big  Thanks to  Jeffri Entertainment, Maxwell's, and all the people that helped out at the show. It was an awesome night indeed!
Here's a link to a Braveword's piece I just saw posted;

Also will be posting a few choice pics on the Gallery page 

Razor has just confirmed their August 19 appearance at St. Vitus in NYC.
KEEP IT TRUE!!! KEEP IT TRUE!!! Wow what an awesome time in Germany !!!
Thanks to everyone for coming out and all those who helped us while we were there. You know who you are!
Keep it True is a great example of true metal music in all shapes and forms coming together on one stage and being universally celebrated and appreciated by everyone there, and we were proud to be a part of it.
Thanks Germany!!!!
Had a great time in Tilburg, Netherlands at the and would like to Thank everyone who came out to the festival. A special Thanks to Evan Harting and his crew, 013 Poppodium and staff and everyone else involved at NDF for doing an awesome job making us feel welcome. I've added a few photos to the photos page and we'll see everyone on April 29th in Germany for Keep It True festival. Cheers!!!!!
We'd just like to say Thanks to all those who came out to our recent shows in Italy, Spain and Greece and the people and promoters who helped get us there and made sure we had an Awesome time. Which we did!!!!!
Our thoughts and hearts go out to all the people of France, where we played in September, as they deal with the tragedies in their peaceful country and the unfair targeting of innocent people, at a Rock show no less! This has really hit close to home with us, and we hope that people can find solace in our freedoms and  stand up to the evil's that threaten it every day.
Razor will be on a bit of hiatus till February as far as live shows, but hope to finally have some valuable time to get out some new material and work on the site.
Been busy doing a String of shows the past few weeks, having a blast. Thanks to all at the London Music Hall, Fall of Summer in Torchy, France, Wings of Metal in Montreal and Bermuda Fest in Edmonton.  Hope to be posting some pictures on the site shortly .
New show just added in for September, check out the Shows page !
Hey , had a great time at MDF this year and Thanks to all those who attended ! Awesome crowd!
Special Thanks to Evan Harting and all the staff at RE Entertainment who helped us out and the cool security guys!
Had a Blast !
Living Fast Episode #3 with Ryan Waste interviewing Razor, follow the links below to check it out!!!!!
RELAPSE RECORDS PRESS RELEASE : Reissues of 3 Classic Razor releases ,click links below for more info

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